Human Resources

Due to the lack of headcounts in SME companies, human resource matters are usually taken care of by the boss. The work involved is trivial and complicated, and it is necessary to be familiar with labour regulations to avoid falling into legal traps. StartupCow can provide human resources support such that employers of SME can get assistance at a lower cost, thereby focusing more on the business of the company.

Our Services

Calculate employee salaries and MPF contributions

StartupCow can manage your employees' salary calculations, MPF contributions, taxation, and can prepare monthly payslip for you.

Establish an employee human resources platform

StartupCow combines human resources with technology to assist SMEs to set up an employee human resources platform, so that employers can easily manage employee information, salary, leave management, and expense reimbursement.

Acting to set up MPF, labor insurance, and medical insurance

StartupCow provides MPF, labor insurance, medical insurance agency services to help you easily set up relevant accounts without the need to compare prices around.

Acting to post recruitment advertisement

StartupCow could help to post recruitment advertisements, which can help you advertise on major recruitment platforms (such as JobsDB, Recruit, JobMarket, etc.) at a lower price than the market price. Advertising on major recruitment platforms is no longer the privilege of big companies.

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