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Company Incorporation

Setting up a limited company in Hong Kong could be troublesome and time-consuming sometimes when you do it by yourself. We could help you set up the company quickly and smartly, without any hassles.

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Virtual Office

Starting up a business with a decent registered address would enhance your company image to other people. With less than HK$100 per month, you would own a business address, with quality services.

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Company Secretarial

Company Secretary is your best helper to deal with all the tedious administrative work with the Company Registry. We help you to ensure the company’s compliance to the regulations and perform the necessary tasks timely so that you might not face the unfavourable penalties.

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Web Design

Website is playing a more and more important roles nowadays in the virtual business world. Building a good website could attract more clients to your business and establish a good image of your business too.

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Why StartupCow

Speedy delivery

StartupCow understands that Hong Kong people are fast-paced and look for the most efficient services, so we take the most enthusiastic attitude towards each client case and meet their needs in the least time.

Broad service scope

StartupCow knows that entrepreneurship covers a wide range of spectrums, so we are providing more and more services according to the demand. In addition to the company incorporation Hong Kong and company secretaries, we also provide supporting services such as Marketing, Information Technology, and Human Resources. Welcome to call us to inquire!

Professional team

StartupCow team are experienced in setting up new business and daily operational management that could provide support for company incorporation Hong Kong and corporate management. We are not an ordinary secretarial company, but a secretarial company that could assist you to manage your business in a better and smarter way.

Reasonable pricing

StartupCow understands the hardship of starting up a business. Therefore we strive to provide you with the best quality service at a reasonable price.


Our group members are mostly British and we had always been trying hard to start a business without any preparation in Hong Kong till we came across StartupCow. As our company incorporation started up as fast as in a week, we would like to show our appreciation to their services professionalism and guidance on company incorporation Hong Kong.


I need to set up new company incorporations for my boss every once in a while. At StartupCow site, I am capable of going through every step of developing the entire company incorporation process under its kit set and administration services in one go. Everything would be posted to my workplace straightforwardly so I need not to go back and forth for sending and accepting the mail.


I was underscript in the administration and company incorporation services of StartupCow at first. But they are kindly informing timely for the recent and updated email update. If I am not free to pick up the message, they would instead take a photo of the mail and dispatch it to me at a rather cheap price.


Our companies have a range of subsidiaries serviced by several companies. Having said that, their administrations are either sluggish or with terrible quality. Our colleague introduced us to StartupCow, in the end. We are moving all our accounts here, the client experience is pleasant and they are all professional with reasonable prices.


I run an early childhood education centre and depend on the parents for personally referring the new customers. Through working with StartupCow, I launched a new company incorporation, they also assisted me with doing google and facebook enrichment. Nowadays we are contacting a wider customer base and therefore the clients.


I would unequivocally prescribe StartupCow to any KOL/company incorporation who needs SEO/SEM. Going through a month working intimately with them, I saw an enormous development on the page. My page additionally hopped from the fourth page on Google Search to the first page.


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